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Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try

Google Play services are the heartbeat of many apps and processes on Android devices. If Google Play services don’t work, your phone is as good as useless or may keep stopping intermittently. There are several possible reasons behind Google Play issues on your phone.

If Google Play services keep stopping, an unexpected system interruption—say your device ran out of battery—is most likely the root cause. Low memory, incorrect system settings, and software bugs are other noteworthy causative factors.

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We’re certain that at least one of the troubleshooting steps below will resolve the problem on your device.

1. Close Unneeded Apps

Google Play services and other essential system processes may crash in Android due to insufficient memory (or RAM). Open your device’s app switcher and close apps you aren’t using. You could also use third-party speed boosting apps and RAM optimizers to free up your phone’s memory and improve performance.

2. Check Google Play Services Permissions

To perform its core duties, Google Play services need access to your device’s storage, location, Wi-Fi connections, camera, media files, contacts, SMS, and many other components. Denying Google Play services’ permission requests will cause the app to keep crashing. Check the app’s settings menu and ensure you grant all permissions.

Head over to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info (or See All Apps) > Google Play services > Permissions and make sure no item is in the “Denied” section. If there’s a denied permission, tap on it and select Allow.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 2

3. Update Google Play Services

Google Play services help to keep your apps updated. So it only makes sense to always have the latest version of the service installed on your device. Although Android automatically updates Google Play services, you should check if you have the latest version—especially if the app is malfunctioning.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 3

  1. Expand the Advanced drop-down and select App details in the “Store” section.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 4

You’ll find a Deactivate button on the page if Google Play services are up-to-date. Otherwise, tap Update to install the app update.

4. Automate Date and Time Configuration

Many Google apps and services will malfunction if your device’s date and time information are incorrect. App downloads or updates in the Play Store may fail. Some data synchronization operations will also come to a halt. In fact, you may encounter difficulties accessing the internet.

Go to Settings > System > Date & Time and make sure you enable Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 5

5. Reset the Play Store

Google notes that clearing the cache and storage of the Play Store can fix problems with Google Play services.

  1. Tap and hold the Play Store icon and tap the info icon.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 6

  1. Select Storage & cache.
  2. Tap the Clear Cache icon, tap Clear Storage, and select OK on the confirmation.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 7

Afterward, connect your phone to the internet—preferably over Wi-Fi—launch Play Store and wait for Android to set up the store.

6. Update Android System Webview

The Android System Webview (ASW) is another system app that could affect Play services performance. Your Android device may throw up the “Google Play services keeps stopping” error if ASW is bug-ridden or outdated.

  1. Locate and select Android System Webview in your device’s app info menu (Settings >Apps & notifications >App info).
  2. Expand the Advanced section and select App details.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 8

  1. Tap Update to install the latest Android System Webview version on your device.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 9

If the ASW is up-to-date, but Google Play services keep crashing, try resetting ASW to factory default.

  1. Tap the three-dot menu icon and select Uninstall updates.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 10

If resetting Android System Webview doesn’t fix the problem, return to the Play Store and update the app.

7. Re-Enable Google Play Services

This troubleshooting solution worked the magic for many Android users in this Google Community thread. Follow the steps carefully and see if it helps.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 11

  1. Toggle of Find My Device and other device admin apps. Select Deactivate this device admin app for each app you disable.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 12

  1. Now, head to the Google Play services app info page (Settings >Apps & notifications >App info >Google Play services), select Disable, and select Disable App on the confirmation message.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 13

  1. Launch Play Store, select Turn on when asked to enable Google Play services, and restart your device.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 14

8. Restart Your Device

This error can be annoyingly persistent—most times, it immediately resurfaces soon as you dismiss it. If that describes your experience, rebooting your device might fix the problem.

Press and hold your device’s power button and select Restart in the power menu.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 15

9. Reset the Google Play Services

Excessive or corrupt temporary files can also mess with Google Play services’ performance. Head to the Google Play service’s app menu, clear its cache data, and check if that resolves the problem. Delete the app’s storage data if the “Google Play services keeps stopping” error continues.

That’ll reset Google Play services in Android and hopefully, stop the error pop-up.

  1. Open the Settings app, select Apps & notifications, select See All Apps (or App info), and select Google Play services.
  2. Select Storage & cache.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 16

  1. Tap the Clear Cache icon.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 17

  1. Tap Clear Storage.
  2. Select Clear All Data on the next page and select OK on the confirmation.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 18

Leave your device for some minutes and let Android automatically repopulate the files needed for Google Play services to function correctly.

10. Update Your Device’s Software

Bad codes in the Android version running on your device can trigger the “Google Play services keep stopping” error. Install the latest Android update or security patch and restart your device.

Open the Settings app, head to System > Advanced > System update, and install any update available on the page.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? 10 Fixes to Try image 19

Use Hard Reset as a Last Resort

You may have to hard reset your Android device if none of these recommendations fix the problem. But before you do so, contact Google or your device’s manufacturer via the Android Help Center.

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Приложение сервисы Google Play остановлено: как исправить на Samsung в Андроид

Илья – главный редактор сайта Является автором нескольких сотен руководств и статей по настройке Android. Около 15 лет занимается ремонтом техники и решением технических проблем iOS и Android. Имел дело практически со всеми более-менее популярными марками мобильных смартфонов и планшетов Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi и др. Для тестирования используется iPhone 12 и Samsung Galaxy S21 с последней версией прошивки.

Это руководство поможет избавиться от ошибок, возникающих с сервисами Google Play. Характерен баг как для ранних, так и свежих версий Андроид ОС. Что делать, если выскакивает сообщение с ошибкой и приложение Google постоянно закрывается.

Почему появляется ошибка «Сервисы Google Play»

Одна из топовых ошибок, возникающих на экране Андроид телефонов, выглядит так: “Приложение сервисы google play остановлено”. В оригинале пишется google play store has stopped.

Нельзя однозначно определить, в чем причина появления ошибки, т.к. разработчики ОС Андроид не предлагают вариантов исправления. Поэтому поиском решений занимаются пользователи, обсуждая возможные варианты на форумах.

Одной из главных причин появления ошибки считается неправильная синхронизация смартфона и серверов обновлений. Симптоматика такая:

  • При обновлении приложений телефон сначала загружает необходимые файлы в локальное хранилище, после чего распаковывает и устанавливает новую версию.
  • Проблема возникает на этапе синхронизации информации – на серверах уже выложены новые данные, доступные для загрузки, а телефон все еще пытается найти обновления во внутренней памяти.

Еще одна причина – неполадки сети и конфликтное программное обеспечение, установленное на телефон.

Способы устранения бага

Возврат к старой версии приложения Google Play Store

Откат к предыдущей, корректно работающей модификации Google Play Store позволит устранить системный конфликт. После этого планшет, смартфон начнет работать стабильно, по крайней мере, без обновления на проблемную версию Маркета.

Рассмотрим способ отката:

  1. Откройте Настройки > Приложения
  2. Разверните весь список установленных Андроид приложений, найдите Google Play Маркет
  3. Отключите приложение, выбрав кнопку Выключить.
  4. При этом, утилита Play Store не будет удалена полностью, а заменена изначальной версией, которая работала без сбоев.
  5. Перезапустите телефон, используя кнопку питания.

После ручного отката Play Store, Android устройство снова обновится до последней версии Google Play Store.

Включение «Диспетчера Загрузки»

Для начала проверьте, есть ли подключение к интернету. Откройте браузер и попробуйте перейти на любую страницу. Если все в порядке и сайты открываются, переходите к другим способам решения проблемы.

Обычная перезагрузка смартфона, в некоторых случаях, также помогает исправить проблему.

Следующий этап – активация в настройках системного приложения “Диспетчер загрузки”:

1. Зайдите в «Настройки» Android.

2. Перейдите в раздел «Приложения».

3. Найдите там строку «Диспетчер Загрузки» и откройте ее (если не можете найти приложение, воспользуйтесь поиском по настройкам).

4. Убедитесь, что приложение запущено – кнопка «Остановить» должна быть активна. Если доступен вариант «Включить» – выбирайте его и активируйте приложение.

Очистка локальных данных и кэша

Удаление хранящихся на телефоне файлов обновлений помогает исправить ошибку «приложение Сервисы Google Play остановлено», не затрагивая при этом личные данные.

  1. Перейдите в «Настройки – Приложения»
  2. В открывшемся списке найдите стандартное приложение «Сервисы Google Play»
  3. Теперь откройте пункт меню «Память»
  4. Выберите «Управление памятью» и нажмите в открывшемся меню «Удалить все данные»
  5. Вернитесь на шаг назад, в раздел «Память» и нажмите нижнюю кнопку, «Очистить кэш»

Реактивация Google-аккаунта

В некоторых случаях может помочь переподключение учетной записи Google на Андроид. Обратите внимание, что удаление аккаунта означает, что все не синхронизированные личные данные (контакты, файлы и т.п.) также будут удалены. Поэтому рекомендуется сделать резервную копию всей необходимой информации, и только после этого переходить к устранению проблемы.

Итак, процесс переподключения пользовательского аккаунта Google происходит следующим образом:

  1. Откройте «Настройки» устройства.
  2. Найдите пункт меню «Аккаунты», «Учетные записи и архивация», или просто «Учетные записи» (название зависит от версии Android).
  3. В открывшемся списке выберите связанный с телефоном Google-аккаунт.
  4. Перед удалением учетной записи можете синхронизировать данные, которые сохранятся на устройстве (пункт меню «Синхронизация учетной записи»).
  5. Когда вся нужная информация будет синхронизирована, в том же меню выберите «Удалить уч. запись» и подтвердите действие.
  6. Вернитесь в список аккаунтов и нажмите «Добавить учетную запись» — Google.
  7. Откроется форма входа в Google-аккаунт, введите логин и пароль.
  8. Примите условия пользовательского соглашения и следуйте дальнейшим инструкциям.

Готово, учетная запись реактивирована. Теперь можете проверять, появится ли ошибка “google play store stopped working” вновь. Если данный метод не помог — переходите дальше по тексту.

Переустановка обновлений Android

Еще один способ побороть баг, связанный с Google Play – обновление текущей версии приложения Google Play или возврат к стандартной, с дальнейшим обновлением до актуальной.

  1. Откройте общие настройки устройства, найдите раздел «Приложения».
  2. Выберите строку «Google Play Маркет». Важно: не перепутайте Маркет с приложением «Сервисы Google Play» — у них похожие иконки и название.
  3. Откройте меню (три вертикальные точки в правом верхнем углу) и нажмите на единственный доступный вариант – «Удалить обновления».
  4. Подтвердите действие и вернитесь на домашний экран смартфона.
  5. Теперь запустите «Play Маркет» и согласитесь с пользовательским соглашением Google.
  6. Откройте меню (три горизонтальные полосы в левом верхнем углу экрана) и выберите «Настройки».
  7. Нажмите на строку «Версия Play Маркета». Запустится процесс обновления приложения.
  8. Дождитесь окончания загрузки и обновления приложения.

Обновление приложения Google Play Services

Если ни один из представленных вариантов устранения ошибки не срабатывает, можно попробовать переустановку проблемного приложения с помощью файлового архива APKMirror.

На сайте вы можете загрузить подписанный установочный файл приложения Google Play, если по каким-либо причинам телефон блокирует загрузку обновлений стандартными методами:

  1. Перейдите на страницу Google Play Services на сайте
  2. Откройте страницу с последней версией приложения – обычно это верхний пункт в списке «All versions».
  3. Найдите свою версию Android (проверить можно в Настройках > Сведения о телефоне > Сведения о ПО > Версия Android) и скачайте Google Play, соответствующий параметрам вашего телефона.
  4. Если вы затрудняетесь в выборе – попробуйте разные установщики, пока не найдете подходящий. Либо воспользуйтесь приложением Droid Hardware Info, чтобы узнать всю необходимую информацию.
  5. Зайдите на страницу выбранного файла и нажмите «Download APK» (кнопка станет активной в течение нескольких секунд после перехода).
  6. Запустите загруженный файл и следуйте инструкциям ОС Андроид.

Восстановление заводских настроек (hard reset)

Для устранения ошибки можно выполнить сброс телефона до заводских настроек. При этом — внимание! — вы потеряете всю информацию, которая хранится в памяти мобильного устройства.

Важно! Заранее сохраните все необходимое в облачном хранилище или на карте памяти. Как это сделать, читайте здесь:

Откат к заводским настройкам выполняется следующим образом:

  1. Откройте «Настройки» — «Общие настройки».
  2. Найдите пункт «Восстановление и сброс» (или «Сброс»). Если ваш телефон работает на системе Android 8 и выше, перейдите в раздел «Система» > «Сброс».
  3. Далее выберите «Сброс настроек» и подтвердите свои намерения. Если на телефоне установлен PIN или графический ключ, его потребуется ввести для применения изменений.

Более подробную информацию о сбросе вы найдете здесь:

Перепрошивка телефона

Довольно опасный, но эффективный способ устранения ошибок – перепрошивка устройства. Процесс этот трудоемкий и требует тщательной подготовки и понимания всего, что происходит во время прошивки. Поэтому рекомендуется использовать этот вариант лишь в том случае, когда ни один из предложенных ранее способов не сработал, а ошибка “google play store has stopped” мешает нормальному использованию телефона.

Для качественной перепрошивки лучше обратиться в проверенный сервисный центр, чтобы вопросом занимались опытные специалисты. Самостоятельное выполнение этой операции без достаточного уровня знаний может привести к тому, что телефон вообще перестанет включаться и его придется отдавать в ремонт. Также помните, что перепрошивка не является гарантийным случаем, и выполняется на ваш страх и риск.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping How to Fix in 2023!

Nothing riles Android users more than an annoying pop-up when they are trying to update/install an app, and a pop-up appears that reads, “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped.” This leads to a flurry of questions in users’ minds, all of them circling — why does google play services keep stopping?

Faulty software or network problems cause nearly all Google Play Services to stop. However, there is also a chance that Google Play Services keeps stopping because Google may have inadvertently rolled out the incorrect version of Google Play Services for your device that stopped Play services from running smoothly.

If you wonder why Google Play services keep stopping, don’t worry — this guide has you covered. We have listed several troubleshooting methods to help you fix the issues with Google Play Store.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping: How to Fix

So, what to do if Google Play keeps stopping or crashing on your device? You can fix the Google Play Services keeps stopping error by following the methods listed below. Try each technique one at a time, and we’re certain you’ll be able to get the Play Store back up and running smoothly.

Restart Device

The first action to do when Google Play Services stops working is restarting your Android device. Not many users know that restarting your device can help fix minor issues and help it to run smoothly. It may come in handy to solve why Google play services keep stopping issues on your device.

How to restart your Android device

  1. Press and hold the power button on the top or side of your Android device
  2. Tap on the Restart option that appears on the screen
  3. Verify your selection and wait for the device to restart
  4. After restarting, check the Play Store

If restarting your device fails to fix the Google Play Services keeps stopping error, you must jump to the next method.

Update Device Date And Time

If Google Play Services continues crashing, it’s likely that your device’s date and time aren’t in sync. This could happen more frequently for users who prefer to manually adjust the date and time of their device instead of letting it update automatically. If that’s the case, you should adjust the time and date on your device again and fix it so that it does not end up triggering a Google Play Services stopped error.

How to fix the date and time settings of your Android device

  1. Open your device’s Settings
  2. Go to General > Date and Time
  3. Enable the Automatically update date and time option
  4. If the option was already enabled, then you may need to check the date and time manually to ensure that it is accurate
  5. After ensuring accuracy, restart your device
  6. Check Play Store again

Move on to the next option if the date and time tweak does not resolve Google Play Services’ problem.

Clear Cache

Clearing Google Play Services’ cache may help with resolving the crashing issue. Corrupted data can easily make any app behave abnormally, and cache clearing can remove bad data.

Getting rid of cache restores your device to its original condition and frees up space on your device. Cache clearing for any app is a pretty simple process. Follow the steps below to do it on your device.

How to clear Google Play Services cache

  1. Open Settings > Apps
  2. Go to the Installed Apps list
  3. Look for Google Play Services and tap on it
  4. Click Storage > Clear Cache
  5. Restart your phone after clearing the cache

Go to the Play Store again after restarting the device to check if clearing cache resolved the Google Play keeps stopping issue.

Check Wi-Fi

Google Play Store depends on the internet. The app will not function properly if its internet requirements are not met. When Google Play Store continues crashing, you should ensure that the app is connected to the internet and is getting ample data. Determine whether or not your network signals are sufficient to support web browsing.

Either way, the solution is relatively straightforward. If you have been using a Wi-Fi connection, try connecting using a different wireless network or your cellular data. Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data if you’re currently connected through a cellular network. Try both of the network mediums to find out which network Play Store performs better on.

Reset Google Play Services Preferences

To fix Google Play Services keeps stopping error, you can try resetting the configuration. If you perform a clean reset, all of your app choices will be erased, including the settings that could have been triggering the issue.

How to reset Google Play Services preferences

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Now, go to Apps
  3. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Choose Reset App Preferences from the menu
  5. Tap Reset to confirm the action

Note: Resetting your device will affect all of your applications, and it will also erase permissions and background data associated with them.

Update Google Play Services

Glitches or errors will appear in Google Play Services and other apps when they are out-of-date. When Google Play Services stops working, and the problem is related to updates, what should you do? Keeping applications up to date can benefit the recovery process.

If you have the Google Play Store installed on your Android device, you can update the newest API package and applications. Check out the steps outlined below:

How to update Google Play Services

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications
  2. Tap See All Apps
  3. From the list, select Google Play Services > App Details
  4. Tap Update
  5. Wait for the Android device to complete the update

If you want to update a specific app that you believe is causing the Google Play app error, then you can update that app within Google Play Store. Follow the steps below.

How to update via Google Play Store app page
  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Type the name of the app you want to update in the search bar
  3. Choose the app from the list
  4. Now, tap the Update button below the app title
  5. Wait for the latest app to install

Alternatively, you can update specific apps from the update list in the Google Play Store updates list. Follow the steps below to perform it.

How to update apps via Google Play Store updates list
  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Tap your profile icon next to the search bar
  3. Choose My Apps and Games from the list
  4. Find the app you want to update
  5. Tap the Updates button next to the app
  6. Wait for the update to finish

If none of the above methods worked for you, move on to the following steps.

Revert To An Older Setting Of Google Play

Updates aren’t always flawless. When Google Play Services keeps stopping, the most likely cause is a botched update. Google Play Services on your Android device might be updated to a corrupted version even while you’re not around to notice it. If your apps are enabled to update automatically via Wi-Fi, this may occur.

What should you do if Google Play Services stopped working after a recent update? Until the developers release a newer version of the API package, you must revert to the package’s functional default or factory settings.

How to uninstall recent updates for Google Play Services

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications
  2. Tap See All Apps
  3. From the list, select Google Play Services
  4. Tap the three-dot icon from the upper right corner and choose Uninstall Updates
  5. Wait for the Android device to uninstall recent updates

Once the uninstall finishes, restart your device and open the Play Store to see if it is back to normal functioning. If not, brace yourself for the following method.

Use Another Google Account

If Google Play Services continues stopping because of your primary linked account problems, you can temporarily switch to your backup Google account. Ensure you have a backup of your Google account before you start unregistering it from your device to avoid losing any data. Follow the steps below to backup your Google account data.

How to back up your Google account data

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Choose Google
  3. On the page, scroll and select Backup
  4. Enable the toggle next to Back Up to Google Drive if it is not already enabled
  5. Tap the Back Up Now button to initiate backup

After successfully backing up your primary account, you can switch to the temporary account for Google Play Services. Follow the steps below to perform the action.

How to change Google account for Google Play Services

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Go to Accounts and Backup > Accounts
  3. Select the currently linked account
  4. Tap the Remove Account button
  5. Open Google Play Store to run a check on Google Play Services
  6. Now, go back to your device’s Settings menu and open Accounts again
  7. Tap Add Account and choose the temporary account that you want to link

Check if Google Play Services has started working. If so, then you can re-link your original account. If the temporary account trick fails to fix the google play keeps stopping error, you must try the next method.

Update Android Version

What should you do next when Google Play Services keeps stopping, and none of the prior fixes have worked? Maybe it is time for the Android software upgrade. It might solve the problem since it can close the gaps left by the previous program, even those in the API bundle.

How to upgrade to the latest Android version

  1. Open Settings > Software Update
  2. Tap Download and Install
  3. If your device shows a new update is available, then tap Install Now
  4. Wait for the installation to finish

Your device will restart on its own after installation is complete. Once it restarts, open the Play Store on your device to check if it has started working properly.

Install Google Play Store From 3rd Party APK

Attempting to get the Play Store from a third-party APK source may be worthwhile if the methods outlined above don’t work.

Installing the downloaded APK will be easier if you have a file manager installed. Sideloading applications on Android 8 Oreo and later requires you to enable it differently. You can download Google Play Store and Google Play Services APKs from the links below.

  • Download:Google Play Services (APKMirror)
  • Download:Google Play Store (APKMirror)

You may either open them directly from your browser’s download dialog or use file management software to look for them manually and then install them. Your Android OS will update them like any other app.

Factory Reset Device

You can restore a device’s original configuration through a factory reset. As a result, the Play Store and other applications will return to their previous versions, which should fix your problem.

Please note that by performing a factory reset, you’ll lose all of your device’s data – including your apps, media, messages, and more. So if you do choose this method, please ensure that you first take a backup of your device.

To reset your device, make sure it has ample charge left (we suggest over 80% charge). After charging your device, follow the steps below to factory reset it.

How to factory reset an Android device

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General Management > Reset
  3. Tap Factory Data Reset
  4. Check the apps and accounts that will get deleted during the factory reset
  5. After reviewing, tap the Reset button
  6. Please wait for your device to complete the course and restart on its own

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the burning questions relating to — why does google play services keep stopping?

How do I fix Google Play Services keeps stopping?

You can fix Google Play Services keeps stopping errors by performing a set of methods starting with — restarting your device, updating Play Store, using an alternative Google account, or resorting to factory reset of your device to weed out any issues.

Why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services keeps stopping?

Your phone keeps prompting — Google Play Services keeps stopping — message when the Play Store app starts misbehaving on your device, and the glitches make it hard for the device to run the app smoothly. It also triggers abnormal closing of the Play Store app or the inability to update an app. It is usually caused by bad software or a faulty network connection.

How do I fix Google Play Services?

Google Play Services ensures that apps on your device are updated and running smoothly. If Google Play Services start behaving oddly, you must clear the app’s cache by going to the device’s Settings menu alongside the cache from the Play Store app. You must also check if Google Play Services is up to date; if not, update all the apps at once from your device’s Settings.


What to do when Google Play Services keeps stopping? We hope our troubleshooting methods help users resolve the problem effectively.

Rooting and sideloading the Play Store might work for some users, while others may have to perform a factory reset. However, if none of these worked for you, you must contact your device manufacturer to discuss the issue and find a viable solution to the “Google Play Service has stopped” error message.

Alternatively, you can also contact Google. Their support team is quite responsive, or you can also add your question to their Help Center.

Do let us know if you are able to fix the Google Play keeps stopping issue. Drop your comments below.

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Graham Alexander

Hi, Graham here, tried all steps until I reached ‘uninstall updates’ section which solved the problem and allowed me to access Google Playstore without the continuous annoying message ‘Google Playstore has stopped working ‘ thanks everyone for your help. Reply

Google Services Framework keeps stopping? How to fix it in 2024

Google Services Framework keeps stopping

If you get the “Unfortunately Google Services Framework has stopped” error on your Android device, try rebooting your device, clearing cache data, removing your google account, and adding it back again. You also have an option to factory reset your device should all other methods fail.

Google Services Framework (GSF) is a collection of APIs, SDKs, and other tools that help developers build applications for Google platforms. GSF is designed to allow developers to create applications that can run on multiple device types and channels, including phones and tablets, the web, and Android devices.

The Google Services Framework is an important component of Android. It includes applications such as the Play Store, Accounts Manager, Contacts Sync, and Backup. Let’s see how to fix Google Services Framework if it stopped working on your Android device.

Fix: Google Services Framework keeps stopping on Android

Google’s Service Framework is an important component of the Android operating system that every smartphone needs to function properly. There could be instances when you find the framework constantly keeps stopping; however, there are workarounds to fix the issue.

1. Reboot your device to safe mode

The first step to take whenever there’s a system-related problem on Android is to restart your device. This can reset installed applications and clear any errors that have arisen.

To put your phone into safe mode, press the power button. When the animation starts, press and hold your phone’s volume down button until the animation ends; then release both buttons. You’ll see “Safe mode” at the bottom of your screen.

2. Remove any other framework installed on your device

If you have any other framework (for example Xposed Framework) installed on your device, you may want to remove it. Without you knowing, the other framework might be interfering with the Google Services Framework from functioning properly.

Simply uninstalled third-party framework and reboot your device. Google Services Framework will then likely function normally thereafter. If it doesn’t, continue to the next step.

3. Clear data from Google Services Framework and reboot

There are a limited number of ways to shut down built-in system services. They cannot be uninstalled, and any attempt to do so will break the functionality of your Android device.

The only way to reliably stop these services is through a process known as “forcing stop” followed by clearing all data from your device and restarting it. What now you will do is clear data from Google Services Framework and restart your device.

Here’s how to clear data from Google Services Framework to make it work again:

1. Open Settings on your device.

2. Go to Apps.

3. Select Google Services Framework from the list of available apps.

4. Tap Force stop.

5. Open Storage and clear data.

6. Finally, reboot your device.

4. Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode

Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode deletes temporary files from your phone’s operating system, cleans up any residual files from apps you have uninstalled, and optimizes your phone’s performance. This might fix Google Services Framework from keeping stopping.

Note, that all other personal files and settings are not affected by this option. Therefore, this is an entirely safe method to perform. Simply follow the steps below to Wipe Cache Partition on Android devices.

Here’s how to Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode on Android devices:

1. Power off your device.

2. Next, Press and hold the Power button + Volume Up until the animation screen appears.

3. Release the Power button, but not the Volume Up button.

4. In Recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to get to the Wipe Cache Partition option.

5. Once done, restart your device.

This should fix the problem.

5. Factory data reset

Normally, we don’t suggest our readers perform factory data reset. As this will delete all your data on your device, including pictures, videos, apps, contacts, and more if you don’t have a proper backup option. However, doing so will certainly address the Google Services Framework problem we are having.

Before you reset your device, navigate to Settings > System > Software update. Afterward, follow the below steps to backup and factory reset your Android device.

1. Go to the Settings on your Android device,

2. Next, go to Personal > Backup and Reset option.

3. Here you will get the two options: Automatic restore and Backup My Data. Choose both of these options.

4. Select Erase All (factory reset) or Factory data reset.

5. Finally, enter your device password and wait for the process to finish.

With these workarounds to address Google Services Framework stopping issue, we can conclude this article. We hope you have found this article easy to read and helpful. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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